Marketing Strategy

-Marketing strategy and plans (Inbound and outbound).
-Marketing and communications consulting.
-Brand story/narrative development.

-Positioning and messaging. 
​-Buyer persona development; buyer's journey mapping. 
-Lead generation and nurturing plans and campaigns. 

-Company and executive communications.

-Partner marketing and enablement.

Marketing to Attract and Engage Sales Prospects

-Day-to-day marketing execution support.

-Marketing campaigns.  

-Marketing collateral (Company brochures, product literature, solution briefs, newsletters).

-Marketing copy (For websites, landing pages, ads, direct mail, webinar scrips and invites).

-Email marketing copy (Email sequence design; copy for autoresponders, drip, nurturing and promotional emails). 

Marketing to Grow and Retain Customers

-Customer marketing (Product adoption/usage; Cross-sell and upsell; customer success).

-Marketing communications and customer communications (Company/product updates and changes; new product training and user info; getting started guides; customer newsletters). 

-Customer content. 
-Customer onboarding, retention and advocacy programs.

Data Analysis
-Marketing data analysis. 
-Buyer and customer data analysis. 
-Sales data analysis. 

SALES ENABLEMENT | Sales Content STrategy | Sales Content + Copy

Marketing CONTENT strategy | Content

marketing Strategy/support Services

mARKETING Strategy + Content + Sales Enablement services (for technology, SOFTWARE, SAAS, B2B)


​-Content strategy and content marketing plans. 

-Content editorial planning; Ed cal creation. 
-Buyer persona development; journey mapping.

-Content creation (e.g., Articles, blog articles, checklists, e-books, guides, how-to content, infographic copy, newsletters, reports, social media content, tip sheets, white papers, etc.).

-Content updates and re-packaging. 

-Content audits and gap analysis.

Sales Content Strategy | Sales Content and Collateral

-Sales content strategy. 

​-Sales content (Case studies, ebooks, social media copy, white papers, etc.).

-Product literature, buyer guides, customer quotes, competitive comparisons, event and trade show materials, business case documents, etc.

-Website copy or microsites.

Sales Team Support/Materials

-Sales onboarding and training materials. 

-Buyer's journey/sales process mapping. 

-Buyer persona documents. 

-Positioning, messaging and unique selling points (USPs).

- Sales materials - Sales presentations, sales battlecards, sales scripts (phone and demo), sales playbooks, sales campaign brief packets, etc.  

-Sales copy (Email templates for email prospecting, follow up and nurturing campaigns; copy and scripts for personalized sales videos, etc.).