mARKETING Strategy + Content + Sales Enablement services (for technology, SOFTWARE, SAAS, B2B)


Hello! Thanks for stopping by my website. I’m Kimberly Mathie and I’m an independent senior marketing consultant for technology and B2B companies.

If you need to attract, engage and convert more sales prospects to customers I can help. My areas of expertise include: 

- Marketing strategy and plans.

- Marketing communications and corporate communications.

- Content strategy, content marketing and content creation. 

- Marketing collateral. 

- Sales enablement; Sales content strategy; Sales content and collateral.

- Partner marketing and enablement.

- Marketing data analysis, buyer and customer data analysis, sales data analysis.  ​


My Expertise and Experience

-The vast majority of my career has been spent marketing, promoting and writing about technology and B2B products and services.

-Half my career has been spent on the consulting side at agencies working directly with CEOs, CMOs and VPs of marketing and sales, and VPs of Corporate Communications/PR. As a result, I've been exposed to some of the most successful marketing plans, programs, and best practices in the United States.

- I'm well-versed in the language of technology, so I can translate highly technical information into layman's terms. 

Partnership-based Approach

-Senior-level counsel and service. 
-Quality work; results-driven. 

Bachelor of arts in communications, Weber State University.

marketing Strategist | Content strategist/Content  | sales enablement | Independent Senior Marketing Consultant


Marketing Strategic Planning and Execution

-More than 20 years of combined experience in technology and B2B marketing, product marketing and public relations (Gained at both agencies and in-house).

-Significant experience working with companies from the Fortune 500 to small businesses and startups.

Content Strategy | Content Marketing | Content 

-Proven content strategy and content marketing experience.

-Experience creating hundreds of marketing materials for demand generation, lead generation and nurturing efforts. 

-Prior experience working as a journalist.

Sales Enablement | Sales Content Strategy | Sales Content
-Significant experience working with sales teams and providing them with the training, materials and information they need to get their jobs done. 

-Experience mapping the buyer's journey and company sales processes to improve the sales prospect/customer experience and sales efforts.   

-Substantial experience developing sales content strategies, and creating the content and collateral sales teams need to educate, nurture and convert more sales prospects to customers.